Our station is currently staffed by a total of 18 full time career personnel (1 Chief, 4 Captains, 12 Firefighters, and 1 Fire Prevention Specialist). Our station is manned 24 hours a day / 7 Days a week with a minimum staffing of 4 personnel. Each Platoon is comprised of 1 Captain and 3 Firefighters. The Chief is assigned to the day tour and works Monday through Friday and is available for on call response when off duty.

Days: Chief Aaron Heller
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Days: Captain Joe Muzzillo
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A Platoon
  • Captain Joe Flynn
  • Firefighter Jay Benjamin
  • Firefighter Chris Tyminski
  • Firefighter Michael Warren
  • Interim FF Keith Hall

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B Platoon
  • Captain Fred Taylor
  • Firefighter Harry Eastburn
  • Firefighter Eric DeVita
  • Firefighter EJ Esperanza

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C Platoon
  • Captain Chris Balog
  • Firefighter Patrick O'Reilly
  • Firefighter Matt Joiner
  • Firefighter Justin Parker

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D Platoon
  • Captain John Smisloff
  • Firefighter Sean Golden
  • Firefighter Mike Danbuy
  • Firefighter Robert Ross

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Station 19